Changes/Updates for website content

This form is strictly for content editors who need to make content updates to the website. 

Content editors from Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and Anschutz should submit content changes for the website through this form. Updates received will be made within three business days upon submission. Changes to submit include:

  • Adding new programs  
  • Edits to existing program page
  • Any edits to existing content
  • New content/information

Course data in the Course Search section is pulled directly from the CU SIS system. If your course information is not showing correctly, you should first check with your campus registrar office to verify if the information is correct within CU SIS. 

(i.e., BA, BS, MA, PhD, etc)
Short paragraph on how to apply. She current program pages for examples. Be sure to include the URL for where to send people for more details on how to apply.
Short paragraph about degree requirements. See current program pages for examples. Be sure to include a URL to send users to for more details.