Prospective Students

The University of Colorado Connect offers prospective students the opportunity to apply for an online or hybrid degree program, as well as the ability to enroll in online courses offered by our four campuses.  

Online Degree or Certificate Program
An online degree or certificate program which may be earned entirely through the use of online/internet technology, and which does not require class attendance in a traditional on-campus setting.


A hybrid degree or certificate program
A hybrid format consists of a combination of online and on-campus courses. On-campus courses may also utilize online components.  The number of on-campus courses varies depending upon the individual program requirements. 

Degree Seeking Students

You can apply for admissions as a degree seeking student to one of the many online degree programs. As a degree seeking student, you must apply for admissions before you can enroll in a course. In some cases you may be able to start as a nondegree student and transition into a degree program. 

Undergraduate Students

As an undergraduate student, you will work toward a bachelor's degree. Undergraduate students are either first-time college students who have never attended a university, or a transfer student if you have enrolled at another college, university, or another campus of the University of Colorado since earning your high school diploma or equivalent.

Graduate Students

The University of Colorado On Demand offers more than 50 master's, doctoral and professional degree programs spanning the arts and sciences, business, education, engineering, health and law. Students seeking admission to a master's or doctoral program should use the campus specific graduate admissions website for detailed information.

Nondegree Seeking students

Our nondegree admission option may be right for you if you want to explore a program before applying for formal admission, would like to complete a course for professional development, or just looking for personal growth. If you have at least a high school diploma you can apply as a nondegree student to take classes without working towards a degree.


Certificates are a focused course of study comprised of credit-bearing, degree-eligible courses in a specific area or discipline. Certificates may be offered at the undergraduate or graduate level, but do not result in the awarding of a degree. In some cases, certificate courses may be applied to a degree program.

Professional graduate certificates are available to individuals with an undergraduate degree and provide access to courses for professional and educational advancement.  They may include Course of Study Certificates and Gainful Employment.

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