Nondegree students

At the University of Colorado there are a variety of online opportunities for you to advance your career or simply take undergraduate and graduate courses for personal development as a nondegree student.

Nondegree seeking students are students who wish to take courses at any CU campus but are not planning on completing a degree with CU. In addition, you can start out as a nondegree or provisional student but must follow the campus specific guidelines on how to transition to a degree seeking student. Once you find the program you are interested in you should contact the department for details.

Nondegree options

If you want to explore a program before applying for formal admission, would like to complete a course for professional development, or just looking for personal growth our nondegree admission options may be right for you. If you have at least a high school diploma you can apply as a nondegree student to take classes without working towards a degree.