How to Enroll in an Online Class

Enrolling in a class is easy, however, you first have to decide if you are seeking a degree or not. If you are not a current student and are seeking a degree, you must apply for admissions first. Once the admission process is complete, you may enroll in classes.  If you are not seeking a degree, you can apply as a nondegree seeking student and enroll in classes fairly quickly.  

Current CU Students

If you’re currently enrolled at a CU campus, you can take one or more online classes through your campus of enrollment or through another CU campus. Once you’ve chosen the online class or classes in which you want to enroll you must register for each online class through the campus that offers it.

Non-CU Students

If you’re not a current CU student, you can enroll in an online class as a nondegree student or apply for admissions to a degree program.  You must enroll through the campus that offers the online class.

High School Concurrent Program Students

High School Concurrent Program is intended for high school students interested in the challenge of completing college courses. High School Concurrent students earn college credit that may also be applied to high school graduation requirements.

High School Concurrent Enrollment students are admitted for one term at a time. A student wishing to enroll for classes at any CU Campus in subsequent semesters must repeat steps one and two each semester. The application fee and transcript requirements will be waived after the first semester.

Options for High School Students