Current CU Students

Intercampus Concurrent Enrollment

University of Colorado students may take up to six credits a semester at another CU campus through intercampus concurrent enrollment.

Here are the four steps for concurrent enrollment:

  1. Register at your home campus for at least one course to be eligible for concurrent enrollment. Some graduate programs waive this requirement (see this list [need the online list from the registrars] and/or talk to your advisor to find out if your program is one of them).
  2. Fill out the enrollment form.
  3. Get your advisor’s signature on the form. Your advisor will make the decision to sign or not based in part on whether you have fulfilled the course’s prerequisites and whether it counts toward your degree. Some graduate programs limit the number of courses students can take off-campus, and your advisor will consider that as well.
  4. Turn the form into your home campus Registrar’s Office on or after November 1 for spring semester and on or after May 1 for fall semester. You will be notified on or about the first day of classes at the host campus whether or not there is space available.

The fine print

  • Drop/Add
    • Different CU campuses have different start dates and different drop/add dates. As a student taking classes on different campuses you will need to keep track of these dates.
    • You may drop/add a course without signatures or forms before the host’s campus add/drop deadline.
    • After the host campus’s drop/add deadline, you will need to fill out that campus’s form, get the required signatures, and turn it into your home-campus’s Registrar's Office.
  • Graduate Students
    • Graduate students can also participate in the Reciprocal Exchange Program [link coming].
    • Some graduate programs exempt students from the one-course requirement. See this list [need the online list from the registrars] and/or talk to your advisor to find out if your program is one of them).

Intercampus Registration

Students who want to take courses on different University of Colorado campuses without going through the concurrent registration program must apply for admission to that campus and follow its registration procedures.

Although students in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boulder may take courses on the Denver and Colorado Springs campuses through the concurrent enrollment process, they may only register separately at those campuses during the summer.

As a University of Colorado student you are able to take courses at another campus through concurrent registration.