Public Service

School of Public Affairs - Denver



An online class is delivered 100% electronically using the internet or other computer-based methods. The teaching is conducted from a remote location through an online course learning management system or other online or electronic tools. Students have access to the teacher and classmates synchronously, asynchronously, or both. Online classes typically are term-based, but some may be offered in a self-paced format.

Are you interested in making a difference?

Not in a vague, yeah-in-theory-that-sounds-good, kind of way. But an actual difference that lets you focus on your passion.

A Bachelors degree in Public Service (BAPS) allows you to affect issues you're passionate about while giving you a variety of career options and a wide range of job opportunities.

Did you know:  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Center for Civil Society Studies, government and nonprofit jobs make up one-quarter of all employment in the United States.

How to Apply

Degree Requirements

In addition to required public service courses, CU Denver has a set of core university requirements for all undergraduates. These include courses in:

  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Behavioral sciences
  • Natural/physical sciences

CU Denver also requires that students demonstrate competency in mathematics and writing, either through testing or coursework.