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Come immerse yourself in Shakespeare! Get to know the Bard and his plays as never before by participating in this unique cross disciplinary graduate certificate program that combines courses from the Department of Theatre & Dance and the Department of English at the beautiful University of Colorado Boulder.

Experience a vital mix of performance and scholarship by taking an online (or on-campus) three-credit graduate-level Shakespeare survey course and then visiting campus for a two-week intensive during the Colorado Shakespeare Festival to learn from the nationally recognized CSFcompany members and English and Theatre & Dance faculty in small experiential groups. Earn the remaining six credits during this summer visit through immersion in acting, directing, stage combat, Elizabethan culture, Shakespeare in film, rehearsal visits, play attendance, classes on how to teach Shakespeare, and more. Self-directed reading and a final paper are the conclusion of the certificate requirements. Extend your Shakespeare experience by applying the earned certificate core requirements to the upcoming Master's degree in Applied Shakespeare.

Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

  • ENGL 5000: Shakespeare - 3 credit hours
  • Two-Week Summer Intensive - 6 credit hours (Summer 2017 dates: June 12 through June 23, 2017)

Within two months of the completion of the two-week intensive, students must submit a 15-20 page project that analyzes a single play from a literary, acting/directing, and teaching perspective or which proposes a teaching curriculum or other project suitable to the student's professional goals and the academic requirements of the program.

Application Requirements:

Possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.


  • Official Transcript (if electronic, send to
  • Statement of Purpose - one page in length (this is your writing sample)
  • Letter of Recommendation from an academic or professional reference.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the program advisor and you will be notified of the decision via email.